Epic All-Stars is in its 8th season and continues to grow daily with new athletes wanting to be a part of a dream.  We put out entertaining and fun routines that always seem to please the crowd. We offer affordable prices compared to other gyms in the area. Everyone is placed on a team, regardless of experience.  We focus on all of our teams, tumbling and basics to ensure proper development as an All-Star cheerleader.

All of our athletes have great opportunities to take their cheerleading career to the collegiate level. We take pride in assisting our athletes in pursuing higher education while staying involved with their athletic passion. The memories and experiences are priceless.

Our All-Star teams consist of full year training and competitions running through May.

The best way to get started in All-Star Cheer with Epic is to email or call us to set up an appointment to be evaluated for one our teams.

 It’s not too late to join one of our full year competitive teams!  Contact us today for more information!