Mercedes Younker

My oldest daughter (9) has been cheering at Epic Allstars for 3 years now and she absolutely loves it. All of the coaches are friendly, encouraging, and knowledgeable of the sport. They push them hard to achieve big goals and our teams have had AMAZING success at competitions.


One thing that makes them so successful is the coaches dedication to the gym. They literally LIVE for the gym. We attended gyms before, but never saw the owners there as much as we have at Epic. They are not only present, but Erin and Kris actively coach while they are there. They invest not only in the athlete’s cheer abilities, but also their everyday lives.


Something else we love are the relationships that are formed. Teamwork is a main pillar instilled in these athletes. You succeed as a team, and you make mistakes as a team. All the teams support each other and they make this support a priority. My daughter has gained many new friends and I have also gained friendships as well!


Finally, my youngest daughter (5) has started cheering on the training team this year. She has learned so much already and cannot wait for Sunday to roll around so she can go to practice! She has fallen in love with the sport and her coaches! I am so grateful that they put so much effort into the little kid’s classes, just like their competition teams. They are building the foundation for future winning All Stars!


We are so grateful for our Epic family! 💜💕🖤