Parents of Collins sisters

Finding a gym that helps you with technique, skills, CONFIDENCE and making sure you are comfortable is hard to find . When my oldest Keyanira was old enough we joined a Rec team in Wv in 2018. She fast tracked from pee wee to freshman and it was at that point I knew we had to find something that challenged her , I then saw my tiny mini Keyamyra starting to love the sport and she joined the Rec league in 2021 and I was told @ your daughter is bad”, “ she needs to be with you cause or coaches can’t control her” or my favorite “ she has to much personality and is to much for our coaches “ and as a parent those words hurt to my heart and I wanted to give up and take my kids away from what they loved and that’s when EPIC was mentioned to us . We have been with EPIC FOR TWO seasons now, but it has felt like forever. Finding this gym has been a god sent ! Erin and Kris are absolutely AMAZING gym owners and people. They are not there to see anyone’s kids fail BUT to make sure they succeed and get PROPER training and support no matter what. When I signed my girls up I was more scared for Keyamyra because I was previously told she would never succeed in this sport and she was loud, sassy, too energetic and too young BUT her then coaches Mary, Jess allowed her to be HER and express her BIG PERSONALITY and they have made her into the Cheerleader she is and she absolutely adores them and other staff ( you didn’t hear it from me but she says they are her HERO’S) Keyanira was a shy one and so mild and when she first got on the mats I watched the transformation and was in tears. Epic is NOT just a gym BUT it’s a family we didn’t know we needed and it was right on time ! When people ask me what sport my kids do they say loud and proud WE ARE EPIC cheerleaders. EPIC is home and we are forever grateful and proud to be apart of this family!